appRain is a platform for building web-based application. It caters for both basic and large scale web application deployments, making the process fast, cost effective and customizable. It is for both end user and developers for quick and strategic output by inbuilt CMS and Framework.

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appRain extensions can be Components, Plug-ins or add-ons that helps to make the development robust by implementing standard business logic. Most of the time it offers to avail the facilities by direct installation. Moreover, it can be customized as per need.

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Ahh! It's easy,

Just install appRain and activate necessary extensions, Write your content in Page Manger for all Static and Dynamic page, Set a theme and live your website. You are done!  

For newbie developers, edit XMLs that will help you to develop interface and work with database. appRain will not demand you to write complex query. Edit some style and work with theme and have fun!

Well, for customization the Framework is ready as a platform to make your work possible for any complex requirement. Always, start development as a standalone Component and keep it for further use to save time.

Finally! Feel free to contact with us for any assistance, we love to help you always.

Member manager is a plug-in to create options to register a user in your website and login after proper verification. Use can manage profile and other information.

This plug-in is easily pluggable with other components

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appStore is a robust e-commerce plugin to manage your online store.

This is a complete system with product configuration, Country wise shipping, Attribute management and payment methods. Install sample and get overview.

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appRain report module is a handy tool to develop report by direct PHP coding from front end. This is really useful for after development support to extract data

Just install and see sample report for over view

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Make your site more secured, this component helps to hide default URL of Admin Panel by defining a preferred keyword and protect from external expose.

This is one of the most expected security plug-ins.

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Accounting & Inventory System / Date:22-Mar-2017

appRain team is going to released Professional Version of accounting system. In that regards, existing free accounting module will be discontinued from archive from 1st April 2017. The new version will be paid with dedicated support. Below features are available there


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