appRain is a platform for building web-based application. It caters for both basic and large scale web application deployments, making the process fast, cost effective and customizable. It is for both end user and developers for quick and strategic output by inbuilt CMS and Framework.

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appRain extensions can be Components, Plug-ins or add-ons that helps to make the development robust by implementing standard business logic. Most of the time it offers to avail the facilities by direct installation. Moreover, it can be customized as per need.

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How appRain extensions works?

appRain extensions is a module to extend your existing application. It can be an Add-on, Theme or Component depends on the requirement. This website hosts all official extensions for end users.To install an Extension, appRain core platform should be installed first. Most of the cases an easy wizard used to upload the source code of extension and activate it from admin panel, however, it can be little different due to some special demand.

Feel free to contact with us for any assistance or complain.

Accounting System

This is a generic account system by dual entry management by debit or credit. By using this application, you can keep your calculation clean and clear.

Most importantly, It's easy and plug-able with other components .

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appStore is a robust e-commerce plugin to manage your online store.

This is a complete system with product configuration, Country wise shipping, Attribute management and payment methods. Install sample and get overview.

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appRain report module is a handy tool to develop report by direct PHP coding from front end. This is really useful for after development support to extract data

Just install and see sample report for over view

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Barcode Generator

This Component is simple but effective to draw a Bar-code. After installation it gives function to generate the Bar Code and plug with other application easily.

A single line code helps to generate the Bar-code.

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Barcode Generator / Date:03-October-2015

Barcode Generator is a new component. It's really easy to install and generate. See the update in Bar-code Generator

appRain Release / Date:01-October-2015

appRain 4.0.3 has be released with significant change in core. Database driver has been changed to comply with wide variety.

Added strong app editor to work remotely from online. New Database layer can be added easily. Get new version

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Forum Update

File Manager URL absent

Bugs | Fri, Oct 2nd 2015, 11:54am | Comment posted: 1

Why File Manager button is absent in Page Manager. There is no such option to upload file in latest version 4.0.2.
In addition, There is minimum options in rich text editor.

Alignment missmatched in appEditor

Theme and Design | Fri, Oct 2nd 2015, 09:40am | Comment posted: 0

If you look the button alignment in appEditor on bottom left. It's is more left shifted, which looks miss-aligned.

Multi-Database instance issue

Bugs | Fri, Oct 2nd 2015, 09:10am | Comment posted: 3

Issue detected during database profiling. When I assign different Database connection in Model. It always return same instance created earlier. It happens if you use same driver second time. See belwo XML file.


Component Hook

Component Development | Wed, Sep 30th 2015, 10:52am | Comment posted: 2

How a component hook works in register.php?

Basic files to development a component

Component Development | Wed, Sep 30th 2015, 10:50am | Comment posted: 1

What are the basic field to development a component?

appRain Core Says On Fri, Oct 2nd 2015, 12:02pm |

Next release is going go cover this options. However, you can get it from any InformationSet form, for example email template.

appRain Core Says On Fri, Oct 2nd 2015, 09:29am |

It should not make the process slower, Because there is another Singletone pattern implementation in database abstraction layer. There system creates profiling of db objects.


appRain Lover Says On Fri, Oct 2nd 2015, 09:26am |

Will it make the execution slower?

appRain Core Says On Fri, Oct 2nd 2015, 09:22am |

Correct, This solution is coming on next version. Anyway, you can solve it by blocking code:

   return $this;
It will stop object caching.

File locations:

appRain Lover Says On Wed, Sep 30th 2015, 05:41pm |

You can get the list of hooks in manual. See below link: