What is appRain?

appRain is one of the first, officially-released, open source Content Management Frameworks (CMF). CMF is a new, web engineering concept where a Content Management System (CMS) and a rapid development framework perform side-by-side to produce endless varieties of output in a very limited time.

appRain is developed on a daily basis, drawing on extensive project experience. A common problem that we all face in a framework is that we need to re-develop some common modules in each project. With Content Management Systems, we sometimes get stuck driving our development based on strict development conventions the system enforces. Why is there no CMS integrated with a framework? This is the question that gave birth to appRain.

Content Management Systems and frameworks are very popular in web development. These two technologies work in different ways. One is used for rapid development, the other for more customized output. appRain merges these two technologies. appRain is fast, flexible, and makes it easy to complete tasks in a very short time period. It can be expanded and scaled.

The tools in the CMS component of appRain are all configurable, making development faster. It helps to avoid repeating tasks. The framework component is used when it becomes too difficult to complete your requirements using the CMS tools. The framework contains all of the core programming tools.

appRain aims to make creating web technology simplified and easlily optimized.